A fresh take on investment and M&A

Who we are

We are a boutique investment and M&A brokerage, combining our industry recognised achievements to deliver growth, investment and M&A across gaming, fintech and media verticals.

Our experience

We have extensive experience of funding, building and selling businesses, having co-founded and sold numerous startups across various industries and held key strategic and investment positions in several key blue-chip verticals.

We bring a fresh perspective to our industries by leveraging our experiences of investing, growing and selling our own businesses. In turn, we help shape and evolve our clients’ businesses and help them achieve their best valuation by finding opportunities where others don’t, identifying and solving complex tasks, and creating the perfect opportunities for liquidity events.

What we do

We identify the investment opportunities and exit strategies for each of our ventures, and through hands-on management, define and implement the plan to meet their full valuation.

We deliver a unique perspective to our clients that is long-term focussed, provides hands-on strategic management and focusses on meaningful relationship-building across growth, investment and M&A.

How we do it

We go above and beyond the call of duty as if our client’s businesses are our own; something that a 9-to-5 approach or a consultant mindset can’t possibly attempt to replicate in getting things over the line.

Importantly, our investment and M&A clients are testimony to our hard work and perseverance.

We are proud of having delivered some of the most successful transactions in our industries to date.

What we’ve done

Over the last 5 years, we’ve been behind some of the most significant M&A transactions in the igaming industry. And thanks to us, our clients have invested in some of the most disruptive companies in gaming, fintech and media in recent years.

How we work

We measure our success through our clients’ satisfaction, and this is far more rewarding than any other metric we can set ourselves.

We have a specific limit to the number of clients we onboard at any one time. That way we can devote the full attention to every client and their unique setup.

Where we’re going

As we continue to sell our clients’ assets, we re-invest their funds into new and exciting ventures. And since we only work with businesses and founders we truly enjoy working with, you’ll often see us with a big smile on our face.

Success for us doesn’t just mean helping founders and investors, but also those who can help us to make the world a better place. Which is why we support charities that we truly believe in and trust to deliver help and support where it matters.