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View from the City: Why the change of heart over SPACs?

RB Capital co-founder Julian Buhagiar finds out why M&A buyers are starting to turn their backs on SPACs

Market Watch: Can the online gambling world learn from the success of premium online content platforms?

RB Capital’s Julian Buhagiar ponders a gap in the market for a regular audio/video digest of industry news to satisfy those looking for a succinct content fix

Market Watch: Could the sector be rocked by a reduction in SPAC purchasing power?

RB Capital’s Julian Buhagiar explores the effects of over-speculation in the colliding worlds of SPACs and NFTs

Following the stream

Streaming is established as a huge component of the console gaming ecosystem, and the first generation of igaming streamers is beginning to emerge. This has the potential to become far more than just another affiliate marketing channel, writes Julian Buhagiar.

View from the City: Is the online gaming boom braced for market correction?

Julian Buhagiar, co-founder of RB Capital, spots an underlying trend in the latest market movements

Market Watch: The asymmetry of US and European valuations

RB Capital co-founder Julian Buhagiar questions the longevity of the SPAC model as cash floods the American investor market

View from the City: how M&A has become a cloak-and-dagger operation during the pandemic

Julian Buhagiar, co-founder of RB Capital, on why the secrecy of deals has become more commonplace during Covid-19

When the barbarians leave the gate

While US giants remain set on snapping up European gambling assets, Julian Buhagiar warns that there may soon be an abrupt end to this cycle.

US M&A: The New Normal

RB Capital co-founder Julian Buhagiar asks how the incoming administration might impact igaming consolidation in the US

The next currency war – and how it affects gaming

It is only a matter of time before most non-US centric payment gateways are blocked or restricted, with a real and present threat to the gaming industry. Fortunately, several disruptors are gearing up to lead the way. But can they achieve what many believe to be impossible, asks Julian Buhagiar.

Atemi: Tipping the scales

The market reaction may have been a bit lukewarm to a strategic acquisition which would likely have fetched a higher multiple among more specialised PPC buyers but for Julian Buhagiar, one particular phrase in the announcement provided the clues to how this transaction will further define Better Collective’s future

The future of payments

From the ruins of Wirecard emerges an opportunity for an innovative and agile payment provider to replace it as the market leading payment provider, writes Julian Buhagiar. Unfortunately, no provider seems to be stepping up.