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Secondary listings in the US? Oh yes.

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that for secondary listings, US IPOs have generally fared better than their EU counterparts. The reason is not entirely binary; ie: just because of US TAM and/or state-side valuation perception, but actually due to a variety of investor-specific reasons. First off, the TAM subject. By 2030, it is estimated that the state-side gambling market will […]

Activist mindsets could boost 888’s share price

It is indeed debatable whether any areas of activist investment are currently more exciting than gambling. And this has been a gradually ongoing trend – just witness the last few years with Icahn and Caesars, Corvex/Starboard and MGM, Arviv and Bragg, and Springowl (alongside the now-disgraced Odey) and Playtech. We now have another developing activist story, this time with 888. […]

What’s happening on the gaming bond markers?

Most industries (aside from, obviously, tourism) call summer the silly season for good reason. Nothing really happens that can move markets, and if it did, nobody would be around to notice and/or make a difference anyway. That’s why the seasonal maxim ‘Sell in May and go away…’ still comically carries so much weight in a supposedly AI-dominated twenty-first century. This […]

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Following the stream

Streaming is established as a huge component of the console gaming ecosystem, and the first generation of igaming streamers is beginning to emerge. This has the potential to become far more than just another affiliate marketing channel, writes Julian Buhagiar.

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When the barbarians leave the gate

While US giants remain set on snapping up European gambling assets, Julian Buhagiar warns that there may soon be an abrupt end to this cycle.

US M&A: The New Normal

RB Capital co-founder Julian Buhagiar asks how the incoming administration might impact igaming consolidation in the US