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Atemi: Tipping the scales

The market reaction may have been a bit lukewarm to a strategic acquisition which would likely have fetched a higher multiple among more specialised PPC buyers but for Julian Buhagiar, one particular phrase in the announcement provided the clues to how this transaction will further define Better Collective’s future

The next currency war – and how it affects gaming

It is only a matter of time before most non-US centric payment gateways are blocked or restricted, with a real and present threat to the gaming industry. Fortunately, several disruptors are gearing up to lead the way. But can they achieve what many believe to be impossible, asks Julian Buhagiar.

The future of payments

From the ruins of Wirecard emerges an opportunity for an innovative and agile payment provider to replace it as the market leading payment provider, writes Julian Buhagiar. Unfortunately, no provider seems to be stepping up.

How did gambling firms compare to stock market hotshots during Covid-19?

RB Capital co-founder Julian Buhagiar runs the rule over the gambling sector’s market movers and how they measure up to Silicon Valley tech stocks

Gambling industry faces a harsh winter

A storm of regulatory change and economic uncertainty is brewing for the GB gambling industry, and operators should prepare for a punishing second half, writes RB Capital’s Julian Buhagiar.

Going Grey: How excessive regulation is casting a dangerous shadow over European markets

Julian Buhagiar, co-founder, RB Capital, analyses how regulatory constraints in Europe are affecting the stock market, along with the real threat of driving players to the black market

Where do I…? How to make money work in the current market

Julian Buhagiar of RB Capital casts an eye over potentially undervalued igaming stocks investors should consider adding to their portfolios

Power shake: Could a changing M&A market shake up next year’s Power Affiliates list?

RB Capital co-founder Julian Buhagiar assesses the 2020 rankings and wonders whether the lack of sports could cause a power shift

This much, I do know.

RB Capital co-founder Julian Buhagiar urges investors and work-from-homers to capitalise on the countless opportunities that spring from turmoil

Panic Sell: Was GiG’s B2C sale to Betsson born out of desperation?

RB Capital co-founder Julian Buhagiar believes the deal is an inevitable result of the demise of the remote gaming jurisdiction

Over-cooked: Is regulation in Germany the next big challenge for the online sector?

In this month’s Market Watch, RB Capital co-founder Julian Buhagiar runs through the potential repercussions of Germany’s new Interstate Treaty